Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Looking Forward (To A Brave New World)

Apparently I am the world's worst blogger. I make a New Year's promise to at least post once a week (we will see how far that goes).

Yes we have moved the Gatlinburg shop. For seven years we were at 813 Glades Road, about a mile and a half into the craft loop. Now we are at 1360 East Parkway in the group of shops that Jane Buie Hancock built in 2007. We are now at the start of the loop (we were #78 on the map, now we are #3), we front the four lane, the main road on the east side of town, and are visible to about ten times the passing traffic than we were. The gallery has quadrupled, the storage (which used to be a closet) is a large upstairs area, we have our own bathroom and running water (Alison's favorite part). January sales are promising, especially considering the god-awful weather we have been having. If you need to contact the shop, the new number is 865-277-7759.

I will try and post some pictures of the interior soon and also an image of a pretty cantenary arch that just got put up in the last few weeks.

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