Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Table Full O' Platters

Got everything fired in the last week. All the new stuff, and all that old stuff that sits in corners until there are not any more corners, or any room anywhere until you realize your spacious studio is a pathway between buckets, boxes and green ware. So bisque it, fire it, and either it makes the shop or it makes the dumpster go boom. Now its time to fill the shelves with this years work and remember that the wood kiln is coming up soon.

These are some 16" platters that I sliptrail. Always enjoy making them. They will make the shop look good, and offer a higher price point.

Weather has really come around, so if you are in Gatlinburg, stop by. Getting ready for the girls to be home or spring break, so I guess its back the the grill!

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