Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, and History Chapter II

Happy Fathers Day to everyone, and if your father is still with you today, call him, call him NOW! My Dad died from pulmonary fibrosis and was suffering greatly at the end and I am glad he is past that, but I think of him everyday.

In that spirit, Cale and I went to Maggie Valley yesterday to visit the "Wheels Thru Time" museum. Very nice collection of vintage motorcycles with some nice old cars. If you are a gearhead like me, well worth the visit and Cale enjoyed it as well.
To return to the History part, Paul Sasso recommended Ted Saupe for intro ceramics. UT at that time had a faculty of three, Ted was the new boy from Wisconsin and a Reitz student, Dr. James Darrow was department head and an Illinois State grad, and Sandy Blain, another Wisconsin product. Ted was a good teacher for the being the young guy and was responsible for the UGA connection we developed. Sandy was Director at Arrowmont and in Gatlinburg half the year, did not have a lot to do with her then, but later she was big for me. Jim was one of those people you do not see much any more, someone who is completely qualified to run a ceramics department. He ran a good program, had technical knowledge, had aesthetic sense, and was there every day doing his job. There have been a lot of good folks come out of the Tennessee program and these three people are the reason.
Next time:"Do I Smell Smoke?"

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