Friday, June 18, 2010

Slow Start and A Brief History, Chapter One

Trying to get this thing figured out without asking one of my resident tech specialists (the girls) to help. Alison says we can link to Facebook and all kind of wonderful things, so hope to have that done over the wekend. Also want to post some pictures of work I am doing for a symposium at Ohio U.

Some reading this know me well (maybe too well), but most obviously don't, so here is a little of my background.

Grew up small town west Tennessee, lots of farmers around the court square on Saturday mornings. No art classes at school, took the math and science route. Enrolled at the University of Tennessee in engineering, doing OK but a little lost, decided to work a bit, returned for summer art classes. Much better. Drifted to
3D /sculpture work. Had class with Paul Sasso, who was a grad sculture student, and I think was at Murray State for a long time (still could be). Did well and he suggested trying ceramics with Ted Saupe. And then....