Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to My World (and Good Luck)

Hard to know how to start, so I will just start writing.

Been following some fellow potter's blogs for the past few months and enjoy seeing what they are up to, so I figure I will start my own. Being a studio potter is somewhat of a hermit's life for me, so I am looking forward to the socializing, even if it is by electricity.

We get a lot of customers in the shop asking about a Blog and Facebook, so since Alison has Facebook up and running, I will manage the Blog. Lot to learn since I am a semi-Luddite, but I hope to have some images up in the next few days, also links and all that other mess. As time goes by, let me know how I am doing and again Welcome to My World.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Patrick, I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing what you're up to. I'll make sure to get your link on the Sawdust and Dirt Blog Roll. Come see us and see the finished (almost) shop when you're in the neighborhood!