Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A little background.

Got a call from Schwieger, said a grad named Bryce Brisco was putting together a wood fire symposium in July. He invited Matt Hyleck, Missy McCormick, Lindsay Oesterritter, and a friend of mine, Josh Coppas. They showed up to make work, do a presentation/talk (which I missed and would have liked to seen) and the plan was to fire three wood kilns, a tube type, a Bourry box low arched chamber type, and a good sized cantenary. My job was to get work to them and show up to help with the firings.

Sent up some big plates, about eight flower bricks, and a few jugs for good measure. Drove up on a Tuesday through beautiful SE Virginia, and Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. had not been back to OU since the NCECA Pre-Conference of 1998, so I was interested to see the old place, our old hang outs ,and our house in Albany.

Tomorrow:"You've got a What?"

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