Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You've Got a What?

So, pull up in the lot outside dear old Seigfred Hall, catch up to Brad, and head to the kiln pad. Now it was nice when I was in school, but it is about three to four times bigger now. Probably seven or eight wood kilns of all types, salt, soda, gas, and a huge sculpture kiln. There is also a large storage and work area in the back complete with their own wood fired pizza oven. Yes, the height of decadence.

Kiln are being bricked up. Schedules are being discussed, and Brad and I get our old 6:00 AM slot. Kindling fires are lit, and a pleasant evening is spent meeting people with a cold Budweiser in hand, nibbling on a series of fresh fired pizzas. Nice start.

Up early and with hot coffee in hand (and all over legs and floorboard because Brad drives like a maniac and Athens has not paved a road since the Civil War), relieve old friend Amy Smith Rupp. I am on the cantenary crew with Bryce, and it fires like a dream. By noon and end of shift basically at fives top and bottom and go for the long soak. A little lunch and a rest and off to Happy Hour at Tony's, my old haunt.

More later.

Question: I have asked a few friends through email, so I will ask here, presuming anybody actually reads this crap. What magazines/periodicals do you read? Which has most info? Which has best articles? Which is best for potters?
I probably know the answers, but answers can be surprising sometimes.

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