Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talking In Tongues

Apparently I am bad at this. Need to speed things up.

To finish the Ohio trip. Had a nice dinner with Brad and Cathy at the Bartels. Found out without my language filter on, Rachel and I could talk to each other and the Yankees could not understand us. Good to know when the Second War of Northern Aggression breaks out.

Tom Bartel is the real deal, and a great addition to OU. His hiring is a major strenghtening of the program, and made a solid program even better. I have always been proud of my time in Athens, feel I earned a good degree, and going back, it may be better than ever. They have got a tremendous facility, good grads and undergrads, and just that go-go vibe good places have.

Kilns were finished, mixer was held at the Bartels on Thursday, large party at the Schwiegers on Friday where I was chained to the grill. Got to drop by Tony's for a beer, drove out to the old house in Albany, Lindley and I walked around the Quad and saw the new Baker Center. Perfect trip.
Kilns were unloaded, lots of great pots, bartering and swapping, wrapping and loading. Loaded the truck, and down the highway we went.

Next: " Bricks & Plates"


  1. Hey Patrick! I was one of your students at OU. Glad to see your blog. I'd love to see some pictures of your pots. Do you have any online anywhere?

    Cara Z.

  2. Not yet. I am just starting this electronic thing. Alison and I have been running a brick and mortar pot and soap shop in Gatlinburg for the past eight years. Hoping to show some work from this firing today or tomorrow.