Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming Attractions

Just a few quick notes.

First, I have been misspelling Josh Copas name as "Coppas". Don't know how I picked that up, I knew better, so sorry Josh.
Secondly, I will put together a list for those who follow our shop and shows. Mostly Alison at this point, some all sopas, some soaps and pots, but we appreciate your support in all matters.
Third, had a question or two about my stamps and what I refer to as roulettes, so pictures being worth a thousand words, I will take some images of them and my trimming wheel.
Ok,back to the studio. If I just had another 200 pieces made I could take the afternoon off. The start of the fall grind is here.
Next: "Loose Ends"

1 comment:

  1. I believe that it is actually "Copus" but I am certainly not one to make any spelling corrections. Im sure my blog is full of them.