Saturday, September 4, 2010

To be Thick as a Brick

I started doing this pattern work with roulettes and stamps a few years ago when I made some tool caddies to fire at Shane Mickeys. Kept working it around to vase type forms. Started with a triangular vase, then on to more of a brick shape.
There are variations of shape and scale, but since I was pressed for time, I stayed with the same template. Happy with the way they turned out, only lost one to cracking and it had the worst surface anyway, so win-win.
Let Brad pick one for his house, wrapped them up for home. Ended up with what I feel is some nice work, and I can't thank the Ohio crew enough for inviting me and taking care of my work for me.
OK, so back to the studio. Firing a lot of Cone 10 reduction for the shop. Going to save back a couple of the wood pieces to build a body of work to pitch to galleries. First thing is to finish rebuild on the front arch of the wood kiln. Weather has started to cool, and a fall firing seems to be in order.
Going to post a calender of event for the next months showing where we are going to be this fall.
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  1. Nice pieces. You say these pieces are stamped (middle one?)? Roulette wheeled (the left and right one?)?

    Cooling off here, too.

  2. I like these forms. The flower brick forms I'm used to seeing are of the shorter variety. This is a nice change.