Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coming Attractions

Well Alison keeps changing her show line-up, so it will be a day or so before the fall schedule is set. God knows I hope it pays off, because business is slow, very slow, around here.

People seem to want to know these kinds of things, so here is an image of the house and studio.
We live out in the country surrounded by old stone fences from the settlement days. The house was here, but needed some finish work, I built the studio, and the wood kiln is barely visible under the tin roof behind my truck.

The studio in 480 sq. ft. with a 12'x 12' gallery on the road end. Alison has a work/storage area in the back, and there is a 35 cu. ft. gas kiln under roof.

I have a two chamber, cantenary wood kiln, all soft brick front with hardbrick back that I lightly salt. This is an image from the first time it was loaded and buttoned up. Currently doing some maintenance and a redesign of the front. Basically going to enlarge the firebox, although it always reached temperature and fired even, and lower it some. It was 78" high inside and I am lowering it to 60", closer to the back which is 58". Hoping to produce more ash which was light past front rank.

OK, next time maybe a schedule and some images from inside the studio.
Next: "Behind the Red Door"

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